It’s hard to imagine a more diverse law firm than Robert Allen Law.  What could be more diverse than a law firm with a team composed of 12 men and 11 women among which we have:

  • 6 partners including 1 Mexican American, 1 African American, 1 Italian American, 1 LGABCD… American, 1 Scandinavian American, 1 Cuban American, 1 Jamaican American, and 1 German American,
  • 5 associates including 1 Guatemalan American, 1 Russian American, 1 Algerian American, 1 Jordanian American and 1 Scottish American,
  • 5 of-counsel attorneys including 3 Jewish Americans, 1 English American, 1 German American and 1 British/Dutch American, and
  • 10 support team members including 1 Bulgarian American, 1 Belizean American, 1 Mexican American, 2 English Americans, 1 Brazilian American, 1 Peruvian American, 3 Cuban Americans and 1 “Dreamer” (based in Beijing)?

We have so many diversities that when you look at the numbers they don’t add up in a mathematical sense.  How so?  Because most of us have more than one “hat” we can wear when it comes to geographic, national or ethnic diversity.  And not just those listed above.

Our law firm doesn’t live by platitudes such as “we are committed to diversity,” or “our diversity is our strength” or “there cannot be excellence without diversity.”  In fact, it would not be true to say that we even place any focus whatsoever on what passes for “diversity” –  though it would be hard to imagine a more diverse law firm than Robert Allen Law.

To the contrary, we focus on the members of our team as individuals, without regard to their ethnic origin, their national background, the color of their skin, or what political party they are members of.   We value their humanity and their commitment to our team as well as their commitment to our law firm’s core values – the ethical practice of law and excellence in all we do.

In other words, we believe in the idea of America as a land of opportunity.

Which means we are, by definition, diverse beyond imagination.

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