Chartering often seems like an attractive option to offset yacht ownership costs. However, failure to properly structure charter operations often comes with a heavy price tag. Properly structuring charter operations includes drafting charter agreements, advising the owner in selecting a broker to solicit charters, crew matters, registry/flag selection, tax implications, insurance, and many more.

At Robert Allen Law, we regularly advise owners and brokers in the various aspects of yacht chartering. Whether it be conducting charters in U.S. waters via voyage charters or bareboat charters, or chartering in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and other popular destinations, our attorneys are experienced in the myriad of complex issues involved and can help clients plan accordingly.

We also advise clients seeking to charter a vessel. We are familiar with the various standard charter agreements, understand where and when they are used, and know what every yacht charter agreement needs to include to best protect our clients so they can enjoy the ride.

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