Commercial Litigation

Our litigators represent clients in U.S. federal and state court systems and before state and federal agencies, commissions, boards, and other regulatory and administrative authorities. We prosecute and defend a broad range of litigation matters, both locally and internationally, including business disputes, complex commercial litigation, contracts, warranty, fraud, professional malpractice, entertainment litigation, trademarks and copyrights, admiralty and maritime, commercial lease, real estate, and other common law and statutory business torts.  Additionally, we represent businesses and individuals in arbitrations and mediations worldwide.
We represent domestic and foreign corporations and individuals in a variety of cases, including:

  • Defense of warranty and product liability cases;
  • Manufacturers in the defense of claims of wrongful termination of dealership agreements;
  • Producers of television programming against television networks;
  • Appeals of decisions by a lower court;
  • Businesses seeking injunctions to stop illegal activities;
  • Families in international child custody disputes;
  • Property owners in negligence claims;
  • Businesses in defending against employment discrimination claims;
  • Shareholders in shareholder disputes; and
  • Property owners in eminent domain proceedings.

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