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Robert Allen Law offers a variety of services to assist yacht brokers in commission disputes, listing agreements and other matters relating to yacht purchase and sale transactions.

Yacht purchase and sale transactions often involve an agent (the yacht broker) who not only introduces the seller and the buyer, but also partly acts as a party to the sales contract itself with a range of important rights and obligations (e.g., holding money in deposit, etc.).

In payment of commission disputes, one of the primary factors at question is the presence of an “effective cause”. This means that the yacht broker’s actions are required to be an actual reason for the completed purchase. Our law firm’s in-depth understanding of the yachting world, coupled with our legal transactional expertise places us in a unique position to assist yacht brokers in disputes with sophisticated buyers and sellers of yachts on the other side of the dispute.

Robert Allen Law represents brokers in all aspects of commission disputes, in both transactional matters (contracts and negotiations) and in litigation. We also represent brokers with respect to licensing matters pursuant to the Florida Yacht and Ship Brokers’ Act.

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