Yacht Purchases and Sales

We advise our clients with respect to the purchase and sale of yachts of all sizes, wherever located in the world and whatever flag they fly, whether they are going to be built or are already owned by someone else. From letters of intent, to project management agreements and inspections, to surveys and sea-trials, to formal acceptance of a yacht, all the way through to closing and delivery – wherever in the world that may occur – there are a myriad of steps to be taken and issues to be considered.

These include importation duties, sales and use taxes, value added taxes, insurance, crew and management contracts, all of which must be considered. Then there are issues related to registration, whether commercial, private or hybrid, as well as issues regarding classification and compliance. Add to this charter related matters and the choice jurisdiction in which to flag (register) a yacht, the structuring of ownership through U.S. or foreign companies, and the need for an experienced yacht lawyer team is self-evident.

Through the years we have been privileged to represent owners, buyers, seller builders, and brokerage houses from all over the world, including many of the largest and several of the most prestigious. In regard to all of the foregoing, we work with the networks of professionals we have developed over the years to facilitate inspections, insurance, and legal review in all relevant jurisdictions.

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